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Not knowing where to go, or how to start the journey?

Many times, we find ourselves in  situations where everything seems to lack clarity, and somehow a temporary blindness imposes itself in our way to approach the world. Using perspective as a powerful tool, enables us to better understand situations, analyze problems and comprehend the  ways we (and others) behave.  Perspective helps us connect the dots and become aware of our place and present position, where our behavior plays a key role in the setting that may be generating an undesired situation for us.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious…


                                                                                     C.G Jung, CW 13, PÁRR, 335


Aimed at high-potential professionals and executives, who face diverse work challenges. The focus of this process is to provide them with tools in order to achieve greater self-knowledge.


Onsite and Online




Focused on supporting those professionals who wish to define/redefine their professional goals, in order to achieve their career development objectives.

Onsite and Online


Focused on organizations, who want to incorporate elements in a coherent way in the message they want to deliver, in order to inspire a certain audience.


Onsite and Online



Organizational Psychologist, and Certified Coach from Columbia University (NYC, US)

Nourished and extensive corporate background, in leadership roles in iconic multinational companies in various industries, both in Latin America and Europe.


"I collaborate with leaders who eagerly want to excel in their professional careers, where through their creative thinking, critical analysis and reflection, act without fear in a manner consistent with their values. They are able to inspire others throughout their professional careers".

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