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Organizational Psychologist, and Certified Coach from Columbia University (NYC, US)

I have developed my professional career immersed in the world of corporate organizations, both in Chile and internationally. I have worked in and for industries such as Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Consulting and Large Mining. My role has been that of the strategic partner, counseling and supporting General Managers, Vice Presidents and Presidents.


I believe human development has no limits. We can continually work consciously to achieve greater coherence, balance and attain what we set out to do or get.  This implies starting a new journey, which will undoubtedly bring to your life, new ways of understanding reality and yourself, enhancing and unveiling all those strengths that already reside within you. 


I am passionate about working with highly committed, action-oriented professionals who bring with them a myriad of challenges, as well as diverse contexts, situations, industries and personal stories. It is through coaching that a space for learning is created, not exempt from hard work, tenacity, adaptability, dedication and discipline, where we are invited to open up, and get out of the comfort zone in which we usually operate on a daily basis. It is also, in this space that we work to open new perspectives, enhance personal development, achieve goals, and become aware. We then become responsible and progressively more conscious of the power that is in each and every one of us.


Do not lose sight of the fact that the range of what is possible, is open to all of us.

Starting a process involves working hard


Executive Coaching puts the coachee in the driving seat, owning the process, and taking action. While reflecting is a step forward, reflecting by itself won’t create change, action will. Don't lose sight of this, as it is an essential element that as a coachee you will have to constantly work on. As your coach, I will be responsible for asking questions that will trigger new ways of thinking and reflecting, I will be by your side every step of the way, I will be your partner, but I will not tell you what to do or not to do. Acting in one way or another is within the scope of your decision as a coachee, and since I have complete confidence in my client’s abilities and power to change, I trust that you will take action.  During my academic formation as Executive Coach, our motto always was: "trust the process". I now invite you to do the same: Trust the process.


My commitment

I am deeply committed to guide  you on your journey, give you new tools, and provide the right setting of tools for your desired transformation to happen, developing your potential to the fullest, enabling you to find that place where you can thrive. Nudge you to find the elements that make you unique, and become a source of inspiration for others, and most importantly for yourself.



My methodical approach is based on the needs of each client. Together with you, we elaborate a tailor-made plan, focus on the objectives that you define, and the specific coaching process that we will follow.


1. We start every process from where you are "now/today", no matter what this point is; this will be our starting point.

2. Everything starts with an exploratory session (free of charge) to know more about you and your expectations and also for you to know me and see if we are a good match.

3. Once we have decided to work together, I will send you a work plan proposal, considering specifically the requirements you have and the objectives you are looking for.

4. Once the work plan is agreed upon, we will have a first meeting where we will thoroughly define objectives, expectations, and ways to define and assess progress in various areas, in order to ensure that we move in the desired direction. 

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