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Onsite and Online

A Keynote Speaker/Guest Speaker, is someone who, by addressing an audience, seeks to teach certain concepts, encourage behavioral changes, or trigger new reflections, amongst others. 

By participating as a speaker either face to face or through webinars or virtual sessions, this allows for an introductory approach to a certain topic or to develop the central concept of a meeting or event. In the same way, it allows to establish a certain frame of reference or underlying tone in order to facilitate the achievement of a certain objective set for that conference/event.


In general, the contents and the raw material from which these talks are developed, are based mainly on the integration of the knowledge and personal experience that the speaker has had in relation to the central topic.


Some of the topics that I usually address as a speaker are

  • Career Development.

  • Leadership Development.

  • Talent management within the organization.

  • The coexistence of different generations within a company.

  • How to visualize the "work of the future" and its implications.





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